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Bobcat Hire


We’re guessing you don’t have a couple of 1000L water tanks just lying around. How about Bobcats and Tippers? Bit thin on the ground? It’s no problem. We’ve got a range of tanks and tank trucks for rent, along with state-of-the-art Bobcats, small Bobcats, mini Bobcats and Tippers. Consider us you go-to for industrial equipment hire.

More good news: we’re a fully functional water delivery and landscaping service, which means we can fill your tank and install it at the same time. Or help out with the mulching, gravelling and concrete removal. Very handy when you’re irrigating a large area, washing floor space, building a garden or fighting fires (we hope it doesn’t come to fires). Just let us know how many Bobcats and tanks to load on the truck, and we’ll ship them in a jiffy.


Bobcat & Tipper Hire

Bobcat hire, small Bobcat hire, mini Bobcat hire – whatever the size of the job, our fleet can get it done. We only use state-of-the-art machines, regularly serviced and (of course) fully insured, perfect for earthworks, site cleans, driveway prep, concrete removal and drainage work. We’ll try to keep the cost down for you too: just let us know the scale of the project and how long it’ll take. We’ll draw up a custom quote in 24 hours.

Tank Hire

When you need a tank, you need a tank. But we’re yet to meet someone who actually wants to buy one of these behemoths. Tank hire is way more efficient for spot jobs and temporary water work. We’ve got tanks ranging up to 1000L, along with smaller trailers and tank trucks. We can also top them up with hydrant water, potable water, recycled water or swimming pool water, depending on what you need.

Looking to hire a water tank, Tipper or Bobcat? Get in touch for a 24-Hour Quote.

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