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GMA stands for Grounds Maintenance Australia, but we handle a bit more than commercial gardening these days. We’re an end-to-end industrial services company, which means we tackle pretty much anything: large-scale demolition, commercial strip-outs, industrial cleaning and waste management, asbestos removal, turf maintenance. You name it.

Our patch is greater Melbourne, Geelong, Ballarat and western Victoria, and over the last 10 years we’ve worked with some of the state’s biggest corporate and government clients. There’s no job too large, or too messy. And unlike other contractors, we handle everything in-house, so you’re not juggling 17 different quotes. Save time, save money, save hassle. Doesn’t sound too bad, right?


24-Hour Quote Guarantee

Need a quote? We’ll have the figures in your hand within 24-hours, guaranteed. There’s no stock-standard pricing with GMA either. We tailor quotes to suit the job, not the other way around. The pricing’s pretty flexible, and there’s a bunch of ways we can scale up or down. It’s really up to you.

Built for scale

We’re the professionals when it comes to big jobs. Proper big jobs. Industrial fleet cleaning, broadacre slashing, council tree planting, commercial maintenance – there isn’t much out there our team haven’t seen before. We’ve got a track record of helping local government, corporations and industry, plus a hanger full of state-of-the-art kit.

Our services

You’d need a comfy chair and a couple of hours to get through everything we do. But here’s a basic list of services to get you started.

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