GMA can provide Industrial Cleaning services in Melbourne, Geelong, Ballarat, right across Victoria and throughout Australia.

When the worst possible situation happens in your business like a death in the workplace you may well be faced with the task of cleaning up a crime scene, industrial accident, suicide, hoarding or sewerage type of dysfunction.

In these cases there are significant health risks, environmental codes and personal traumas that need to be considered.

Our recommendation to you is leave it to the professionals. In many cases the scene can be toxic, dangerous or dreadfully unpleasant.

Key factors in this type of cleaning job are;

  • The forensic investigation chemicals could be dangerous and hard to remove.
  • The smells need to be de odorised.
  • The professionals have the technology to restore most hard furniture.
  • We can remove and dispose of un-restorable furniture.
  • Blood and other contaminants can be cleansed with microbial cleaning practices.

It truly makes sense to have a professional team complete this type of work for you.  Grounds Maintenance Australia is equipped to do this type of work.

We can provide cleaning for the following situations;

  • Crime scene and trauma clean up.
  • Deceased Estate cleaning.
  • Human decomposition.
  • Homicide Suicide scenes.
  • Accidental or industrial deaths.
  • Odour de-contamination.
  • Biohazard scenes.

We are fully qualified, use the required protective gear and process to ensure a positive outcome for you or your business. Our team is highly qualified and use best practice for the moving and disposal of all hazardous materials.

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