Industrial Cleaning

Industrial Cleaning


For extreme situations, you need industrial cleaning services. It might be a sewerage leak, toxic chemical spills, extreme hoarding damage or (unfortunately) death and suicide. In cases like this, there’s a lot you need to consider: crime scene contamination, health risks, environmental codes, staff trauma. The list goes on. It’s much, much better to leave these dangerous jobs to the professionals.

We’ve got an expert team and cleaning equipment to deal with industrial accidents in Melbourne, Geelong, Ballarat and greater Victoria. And don’t worry, we’ve seen it all: we can deodorise smells, restore damaged furniture, remove contaminated rubbish and even clean blood stains. These are obviously unpleasant and tricky jobs, so you need a company that understands the necessary cleaning standards.

Here’s a few of our industrial cleaning services:

  • Industrial floor cleaning chemicals.
  • Crime scene and trauma clean-up.
  • Deceased estate cleaning.
  • Human decomposition.
  • Homicide and suicide scenes.
  • Sewer cleaning.
  • Industrial gutter cleaning.
  • Food industry cleaning.
  • Biohazard scenes.
  • Odour de-contamination.


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