GMA can provide Litter Pick Up in Melbourne, Geelong, Ballarat, right across Victoria and throughout Australia for corporations, councils and farmer.  In fact anyone with a large area of land to maintain, collecting litter can be a difficult and a time consuming task, not to mention the health risks. Having the correct safety equipment, being able to handle all sorts of rubbish and then dispose of the litter are the big challenges for companies.

Failure to keep areas clean or if litter is blown from your property into another, charges may be laid. There is a simple solution…

This is why it pays to have a company specialised in the practice of commercial litter collection and disposal.  Grounds Maintenance Australia has been working with companies to keep their areas clean of rubbish and litter, either in a one off capacity or in a contract clean situation.

We have had a large range of experience in;

  • Roadside LitterManagement.
  • Site Litter Control.
  • Litter Picking.
  • Litter Picking Contracts.
  • Litter Control and Waste Management.

Quoting for these projects is made easy with our Grounds Maintenance Australia 24Hr Quote Guarantee. By fully understanding your requirements, scoping the works required and keeping open and clear communication happening, quality and timely execution of the work is guaranteed.

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