Commercial Mowing

Commercial Mowing


No-one gets a big kick out of mowing, but when the grass is up around your knees, you don’t have much choice. We specialise in all kinds of commercial lawn mowing: council parks, golf courses, footy ovals, even factory and estate mowing. If it’s green and made of grass, we can give it a trim. Depending on the job, we’ll use a state-of-the-art rotary mower, reel mower or slasher. In fact we also offer a full range of grass slashing services in Melbourne, Ballarat and Geelong. Commercial slashing is something you really want to leave to the pros (it’s dangerous, and can cause fire hazards in summer). We’ve got a lot of experience with broadacre slashing, firebreak slashing and farm slashing, so get in touch for a custom quote.

  • Commercial lawn mowing.
  • Industrial lawn mowing.
  • School lawn mowing.
  • Sports Ground mowing.
  • Estate mowing.
  • Factory mowing.
  • Bushfire prevention.
  • Firebreak, broadacre and farm slashing.
  • Industrial blockslashing.
  • Roadside mowing and slashing.

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