GMA can provide Mowing services in Melbourne, Geelong, Ballarat, right across Victoria and throughout Australia. Our capability extends to any size, from a small residential block to council parks, playgrounds and even the side of the road. We can cater for all sizes shapes and difficulties including;

  • Commercial lawn mowing.
  • Industrial lawn mowing.
  • School lawn mowing.
  • Sports Ground mowing.
  • Estate mowing.
  • Factory mowing.
  • And pretty much if it has grass then we can mow it.

Part of the Grounds Maintenance Australia point of difference is we use the latest technology mowers, because the cut quality is exceptional. We use a mix of rotary mowers, slashers and reel mowers, depending on the client’s requirement. 

Grounds Maintenance Australia has the capacity and commercial experience with local governments, councils, major corporates and developers, that enjoy the benefit of a premium quality cut, priced fairly.

Managing Director, Steve Marett, describes how the grass mowing/cutting side of the business fits into the product offering; 

“We wanted to be able to offer a total solution to the customer. Too many companies today are specialists offering a niche service, leaving the client with the nightmare of dealing with multiple companies to achieve the same result. Every one of our services dovetails into each other and the feedback from our clients so far, is they love dealing with one company for all of their grounds maintenance requirements.” 

Grounds Maintenance Australia has extensive experience with councils, corporates and developers.  Part of the experience is not having to chase staff and maintain equipment. By using GMA, cost and risk is reduced and the outcome isa premium job completed on time reliably and within budget.

Another significant advantage of using GMA is the knowledge and experience we bring to the work, if you were to try and train your staff it would take years to get this level of expertise. 

You’re welcome to contact us to learn how we can solve your grass cutting or lawn mowing requirement.   

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