Office Cleaning


You spend most of your life in the office, for better or worse, so it may as well be spotless. Commercial office cleaning can range from washing the dishes (if Keith from Accounting still can’t get it right), all the way up to floor cleaning and large-scale rubbish removal.

Office cleaning rates vary depending on the size of the job (and the scale of the mess), but you’ll be able to eat your lunch off the boardroom table by the time we’ve finished. We use hard-working, high quality industrial cleaning products, and all our work complies with Australian workplace codes, so you know you’re covered and up to date. For the hard-core cleaning jobs, check out our Industrial Cleaning services.

Here’s a rundown of our commercial leaning services:

  • Washing the dishes.
  • Rubbish removal.
  • Floor cleaning.
  • Dining area cleaning.
  • Toilet cleaning.
  • Hand towel and toilet roll replacement.
  • Floor polishing.
  • Washing facilities.


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