When: August 2020   |   Location: Bacchus Marsh   |   Client: Kirsty   |   Job value: $50k

The Brief:

We were approached by Kristy who asked us to help landscape her beautiful home in Bacchus Marsh. She was keen to transform the hilly location with instant turf.

The Challenges:

Remove 160 square metres of soil and prepare the area for a resilient turf that would be easy to maintain. An irrigation system was needed that would effectively cover 1,600 square metres, delivering consistent flow and equal dispersion for maximum effectiveness.


Once we had removed 160 square meters of soil, we got to work laying the 1,600 square meters of DNA certified Kikuyu Turf…

But not before taking care of a few things first…

Bacchus Marsh Landscaping

We installed a Commercial Irrigation System:

The difference between a domestic and commercial irrigation system was a key factor in ensuring that the new lawn would continue to thrive.

The commercial system installed by the GMA team was robust enough to make sure that every centimetre of turf got the water it needed. The quality difference also means that in years to come it will continue to perform.

Hand-in-hand with the watering system is the irrigation;


  • Irrigation helps ensure more consistent distribution of nutrients, hydrogen, and oxygen to the roots of your grass and plants. This leads to a healthier, greener lawn.
  • Especially when looking after a larger area like this one, an effective irrigation system will save you lots of time and money in the long run.
  • Manually watering a lawn often leads to areas of over or under watering, which can lead to patches of dead or yellow grass or plants.
  • You will notice you get less weeds, as the areas that need water are the only ones being watered.
Bacchus Marsh Landscaping

We laid down a Sandy Loam Base:

  • Sandy Loam is a mixture of clay, sand and silt. It can also be compacted to create a nice level base for a smooth finish.
  • The other benefit to using Sand Loam is drainage. Being up to 50% sand, it allows for water to easily distribute into the root system, which also helps stop water pooling.
  • Having a healthy base will ensure your turf not only takes but will remain lush and healthy for years to come.
Bacchus Marsh Landscaping

We picked DNA certified Kikuyu Turf:

  • DNA certified turf is a turf certification by Lawn Solutions Australia. It guarantees the turf is genetically pure and meets the highest standard.
  • We chose Kikuyu Turf as it is perfect for Australian conditions. It is renowned for its lush green growth, drought hardiness and is resistant to wear. It also has the ability to spread quickly, making it ideal for a nice consistent lawn.
  • Your turf should be suited to your lifestyle. Kikuyu is hardy, making it a great match for anyone with kids or pets.

With the irrigation sorted, the sandy loam base laid down and the right turf chosen we got to work… and were absolutely stoked with the end result.

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