Residential Demolition & Commercial Demolition

Demolition and asbestos removal

Residential Demolition

It takes a lot more to knock down a house than some can-do attitude and a sledge hammer. For efficient residential demolition, it’s always best to hire professional contractors, like GMA. We provide residential demolition services for Melbourne, Ballarat, Geelong, western and northern Victoria. We’re fully licensed and insured, and our work comes with all the appropriate Safe Work Method Statements.

What is residential demolition?

Residential demolition is the partial removal of any structure on a residential property. Usually this means knocking down small things, like sheds and carports, but it can also include stripping out your lounge room, or levelling an entire block. There’s no job too big.

Our demolition services

Our team can demolish pretty much anything on your property. We’re licensed for full-scale residential removal, insured to the hilt, and use state-of-the-art, well maintained equipment. Our residential demolition services include:

  • Sheds, garages and carports
  • Homes
  • Home extensions
  • Gazebos and patios
  • Swimming pools
  • Verandas
  • Steps and paving
  • Anything else around your home


Asbestos removal

Residential demolition is often when friable and non-friable asbestos becomes an issue. If your house was built before 1987, there’s a pretty good chance it contains asbestos. GMA is a fully licensed Class-A and Class-B asbestos removalist, so not only can we demolish your home, we can remove and dispose of asbestos safely. Check out our asbestos removal services.


Commercial & Industrial Demolition

GMA can also handle commercial demolition jobs. Sometimes this means preparing shop space for renovation, stripping it back to the bare bones. Other times it’s concrete removal, industrial building demolition or dismantling glass partitions. Our commercial demolition services include:

  • Shop strip outs
  • Partitions and wall strip outs
  • Concrete removal
  • Ceiling strip outs
  • Toilets and bathrooms
  • Site clean-up and rubbish removal
  • Contaminated soil removal
  • Demolition permits
  • Clearance certificates


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"GMA has been engaged by us to manage and perform partial detailed demolition works on several of our inner Melbourne metropolitan residential projects. The nature of these projects presents a number of unique challenges including tight and or restricted access, very old and sometimes structurally unstable buildings, close or directly abutting neighboring properties and high vehicle and pedestrian traffic on small streets. Despite these challenges, our experience with GMA has been nothing but positive. We have been highly impressed by the professional approach that Steve takes and the leadership of his team. Steve has a sharp focus on efficient methodology and approach to the work, keen attention to detail and a high priority on the safety of his team and the public. We will certainly be engaging GMA for our future demolition work and I have no hesitation in providing this reference and in recommending Steve and GMA."
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Ben Campbell
Director, Building Evolution

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