GMA can provide Softscaping services in Melbourne, Geelong, Ballarat, right across Victoria and throughout Australia. When it comes to brand, the visual nature of a landscape that surrounds an office is of paramount importance. Not only does the look and feel of the garden and surrounds say a lot about a company its values and the way it likes to present itself, it also can have a more powerful function allowing staff to retreat and relax during break times. 

Grounds Maintenance Australia has been working with major corporates, city councils and many other business to craft a visually stunning, however low maintenance environments.

Our Services include;

  • Turf Laying.
  • Planting Trees.
  • Topsoil Installation.
  • Garden Creation.
  • Drainage Systems.
  • Landscape Design.
  • Environmental Maintenance.
  • Mindfulness Space Creation.
  • Garden Maintenance Optimisation Programs.

We’ve been able to create wasted space to become creative, low maintenance recreational areas designed for team building and stress reduction.

Part of the Grounds Maintenance Australia difference is being able to envision the concept for you and then bring it to life in a cost effective and easy to maintain way.

To learn more how we can facilitate your environment overhaul and the 24Hr Quote Guarantee, contact us today and we can turn your waste space into an environmental wonderland that will express your brand and support your team strategy.

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