GMA can provide Tree Services in Melbourne, Geelong, Ballarat, right across Victoria and throughout Australia, enhancing the visual impact thought the use of a wide variety of trees planted and the way that they are maintained.

A sharply crafted tree can say a brand/company shows pride in your workmanship, brand appearance and professionalism in what you do.

Shaggy unkempt trees can say the opposite. That’s not to mention the safety aspect of powerlines and in excessively windy conditions branches break off and hit vehicles or cause other damage. Your image and safety is at stake here and having it maintained on a regular basis doesn’t need to cost the world.

Grounds Maintenance Australia has been working with small, medium and major corporates to keep their external visual image and safety compliance in control with one off fix ups and contract maintenance, conducted on mutually beneficial timelines.

We can cover you for;

  • Tree Removal.
  • Tree Pruning.
  • Stump Removal.
  • Hedge Trimming.
  • Safety Pruning.

Tree Maintenance is usually bundled with other complimentary services, at the same time we can make sure your trees are in check, looking fantastic and safe for all. Quoting for this as a standalone of a complimentary services is made easy with Grounds Maintenance Australia’s extensive experience in this type of work, add to this the GMA 24hr Quote Guarantee.

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