Turf Maintenance

Turf Maintenance


Along with Commercial Lawn Mowing, we also offer a bunch of turf maintenance programs in Melbourne, Geelong, Ballarat and greater Victoria.

Now good turf care isn’t just watering once a week and keeping the golf carts off the green. You need to understand which grass you’re working with, the composition of the soil, how many Under 10s footy matches it’s going to cop every month. Our turf experts can handle anything from commercial lawns to public parks and golf courses. There’s no turf too big.

Here’s a few of our turf maintenance services:

  • Artificial turf maintenance.
  • Sports turf maintenance.
  • New turf maintenance.
  • Edging and mowing.
  • Line marking.
  • Re-turfing and over-sowing.
  • Spray programs.
  • Top dressing.
  • Turf fertilising.


Artificial Turf Maintenance

If you’ve ever had an artificial or synthetic lawn, you’ll know that monthly maintenance can make a big difference. Obviously you can forget fertilizer and the whipper snipper, but washing and sweeping will keep your lawn looking greener for longer. A solid monthly clean is usually a good rule of thumb; it can extend the life of your artificial turf by several years.

Sports Turf Maintenance

Sports turf maintenance is a science all by itself. Sporting grass needs to be resilient, consistent, and infuriating for the casual golfer. We can help with ongoing turf care for local sports clubs, public ovals and golf courses, not to mention commercial mowing, edging and line marking. Fixing your backswing, not so much.

New Turf Maintenance

Rolling out new turf isn’t cheap, so you need to get it right the first time. The first two or three weeks are crucial. We can help with all the fiddly new turf maintenance stuff , including watering, fertislising and (very gentle) mowing. Whether you’re looking for overhead irrigation or advice on grey water, we’re here to help.

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